What is the True Path of Islam?

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Younus AlGohar explains the true path of Islam in light of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions at the request of a viewer from Kabul, Afghanistan.


‘One who opens his heart (Shahr-e-Sadr) with the name of God for Islam will receive light from his Lord. Woe and destruction upon those whose hearts are so hard that the name of God does not enter them. They are in open misguidance.’ – Koran 39:22

– To become a true Muslim, you have to obtain the Opening of the Spiritual Heart (Shahr-e-Sadr). The name of God and divine energy must enter into your heart and settle there forever. And if it happens, then you become a truly devout Muslim.

‘And [God] has written faith upon their hearts.’ – Koran 58:22

– When your heart is enlightened, engages in the invocation of God’s name all the time and has the name of God inscribed upon It, then you are a Devout Believer. If your heart is so hard that the Personal Name of God does not enter it, then according to the Koran 39:22, you are severely misguided. So whether you are guided or misguided depends on the enlightenment of your heart.

– Islam begins with inner and outer cleanliness: purification of the Lower Self, the enlightenment of the heart and the awakening of the soul. Since Muslims today are not aware of the enlightenment of the heart, therefore, they are deprived of the spirit of Salat. They offer Salat five times a day but their Salat does not reach God. The spiritual vehicle that transports your Salat from your body to God is your heart.

This is why Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘There is no Salat without the presence of the heart.’

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said, ‘O’ Sons of Adam, there is a lump of flesh in your body. When it is reformed, your entire body will be reformed. When it is corrupted, your entire body is corrupted. Remember well: this is your heart.’

– Enlightenment of the heart is the key to become a truly devout Muslim. If you get a hold of this one thing, your entire religion is within your hand. If you skip this one point, then all else is futile. Lower Self, according to the Koran, compels you to do wrong. In a similar way, when your heart is enlightened, then the enlightened heart will compel you to do right. ‘Amar bil maroof’ will come from your heart.

‘Salat stops you from committing indecent deeds and wrong acts. Whereas the invocation of God is greater.’ – Koran 29:45

– People in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and all other neighbouring countries offer Salat every day. Some people have been offering Salat for 10-20 years, but Salat has not changed anything in their characters. This is because their Salat is not true Salat. Their Salat is incomplete. And what is missing from their Salat is the most important thing: the presence of the heart.

‘Successful is one who has purified himself, invokes upon his Lord and prays.’ – Koran 87:14-15

– In short, the true path of Islam is enlightenment and purification.


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