What Is The Existence of Man?

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What, exactly, is a human being? Where and how do human beings exist in light of spirituality? Sufi Spiritualist Younus AlGohar simplifies some of the most pressing questions of the human condition in this must-see video.

Main points:

– Aa car is a complex item, so it cannot be explained on the basis of one particular part in it. It is a sum of many different parts. In a similar way, a human being is a compound existence.

– You cannot just remove the human soul from the body, without its auxiliary spirits, and declare it to be a human being. That is wrong. Your soul, in nature, is the same as angels. You become a human being when other auxiliary souls are contained in your body along with the darkness of your Lower Self, the Ego. If the Lower Self is not placed in your body, you do not qualify to be known as a human being. Therefore, you – as a human being – do not exist anywhere outside of the body.

– There are many ethereal and non-ethereal factors involved in your existence. Your body of flesh and bones contains different ethereal souls and spirits as well as the carnal desires of the Lower Self.

– There are many different species of unicellular organisms like the amoeba. And then there are multicellular organisms. Similarly, we become human beings when we have a share of different types of existence in our body. A human being is not a uni-existential being.

– The human soul will not represent your human structure. A human being is like a team; there is no team that consists of just one player. You have representation from Alam-e-Malkoot (The Realm of Angels) because you have the Spiritual Heart. You have the representation of Alam-e-Jabrout (The Realm of Divine Majesty) because you have the human soul. You have the representation of Alam-e-Ahdiyat (The Realm of Divine Oneness) because you have the Latifa-e-Ana (the soul in the forehead). And you have the Lower Self which is the representation of Alam-e-Nasoot (The Terrestrial Realm/Phenomenal World). So if you find yourself, you will never be able to find yourself in one type of existence. You are scattered everywhere.

– The human soul is nothing but the Command ‘Be’. Your soul has no ears or eyes; it doesn’t have a nose, the power of speech, the power of seeing or hearing. How will you ever reach your own reality? You can’t as you a mixture of different types of existence. If you explore yourself, wherever in you you will go, you will see: it belongs to God. Perhaps this is why God said, ‘One who recognises himself recognises God.’


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