The True History of Arabs, Islam and Jihad

Younus AlGohar explains the real meaning of ‘jihad’ and why it was ever necessary in the era of the Prophet Mohammad. This video gives profound insight into the culture of pre-Islamic Arabia, the immediate effect Islam had on the society and the character of the Prophet Mohammad.

A related quote from Younus AlGohar:

‘The Prophet Mohammad, the Messenger of Peace and Mercy: the world can obtain utter peace if it takes the Prophet Mohammad, His teachings and His character as a model.’

‘Almost 1440 years ago, when the world was filled with ignorance and barbarism and when bloodshed was a normal pattern of life, then came to the world God’s Masterpiece: God’s total attributes and its manifestation in form of a man – who simply looked like a man, but was the greatest favour of God on humanity. God gave Him his image and His presence and He elevated the human soul to divine heights. He enabled man to witness the most hidden splendour of God’s beauty. It would not be unjustified if I said Mohammad is another name to God, who is already known by thousands of name; however, Mohammad is the most beautiful name of God.’