Lifestyles of Human Conception vs a Religious Lifestyle

Younus AlGohar compares the lifestyles prescribed by God in religions and the lifestyle adopted by non-religious people in modern society.

Main points:

  • Religions have lost their charm. Now, especially in developed countries, people have adopted a new lifestyle conceived by and confined to human intellect.
  • Monotheist religions lay emphasis on life hereafter and accountability to God, therefore practitioners of religion have their freedom severely restricted.  People who follow a religion don’t enjoy life; they make sacrifices in pursuit of a better afterlife.
  • For people who don’t follow any religion or believe in God, this world is everything. They hate to have their freedom restricted in any way.
  • Freedom of choice, will and speech have not been endorsed by any prophet or prescribed by God – so there’s mischief when it’s exercised.
  • You live your life here according to the choice you made in the Primordial Times. If somebody who doesn’t believe in God wants to exercise their freedom, they should not be condemned for it. Live and let live!

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