Prophet Mohammad is Not a Paedophile! – Younus AlGohar

A lot of people who do not know the person of Prophet Mohammad speak very ill of Prophet Mohammad,. This is due to the fact that a lot of misinformation, lies and rumours have been spreading around, especially now.

They are saying the prophet slept with a 6-year old girl. I want to tell you this is not true.

Number one, Abu Bakr, the father of Aisha, brought his daughter and gifted his daughter to Prophet Mohammad when she was 6. She lived there, but Prophet Mohammad didn’t touch her. When she reached the age of puberty, she was 13; only then Prophet Mohammad developed some intimate relationship with her. One important thing, which I must mention here, is that there is consent between two parties. Then, there is one party forcing the other party to do something. In the United States of America, in the United Kingdom and anywhere else in Europe, a 60-year old man with mutual consent can sleep with a 19-20 year-old girl and that will not be known as molesting or abduction because she has reached the age of puberty. According to your system, you have set the age to 18 years; but according to that system 1400 years ago, the age of puberty was different.

Now, let’s ask the law of nature. The moment a girl starts her monthly cycle, this is a sign from God that now this girl has reached the age of puberty, she can bear a child. But that is one thing. When you force somebody to have sex with you, that is a rape. Whoever does it is a rapist. But where there is mutual consent between the two partners, it is not a rape. If you have been to that part of the world, the Land of Hijaz, you will know that people there eat and drink a lot of things which are very hot in nature, like dates, milk and lamb. If you eat meat and dates, and drink milk everyday, the chances are that even a 13-year old girl will look 25 years of age – because the body quickly goes through the process of growth. Some girls, even when they are 20, they look 10. In the land of Arabia, they use a lot of food that pushes you towards ageing quickly.

Secondly, Prophet Mohammad did not force any woman to have sex. What ISIS is doing is brutality. They are rapists and what they are doing is not permitted by the Quran, is not permitted by Islam and is not permitted by the Sunnah (Customs of Prophet Mohammad). Prophet Mohammad did not do anything like they are doing.