How to Paralyse and Eliminate ISIS

For a while, we have been discussing the Paris Attacks, brutality, barbarism and the evil nature of ISIS, Taliban, Al-Qaeda and Boko Haram.

This is just one subject out of many hundred thousand subjects. We understand that both divinity and evil are operating and exploring their avenues. Both forces are now seeking to dispense what they are meant to dispense to those who deserve it.

I remember His Divine Eminence Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi saying, ‘There are many denominations in each religion. There are more than 73 sects in Islam only. However, a time in the future would come when the entire humanity will divide into two groups.’

Slowly but surely, humanity is heading towards that division.

I also remember HDE Gohar Shahi saying that people who would believe and support Lord Jesus Christ and the Awaited One would believe in these personalities not because of the religion they practise. All those individuals who love peace, who love humanity and who want to love God will flock around Lord Jesus Christ and the Awaited One Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi – and they may practise any religion.

All the hateful souls, hate preachers, war mongers and mischief mongers will be the supporters of the Antichrist. They say that the Antichrist is a very bad person. I ask you: is there anything worse than what ISIS is doing? Is there anything worse than what Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram and Taliban are doing? No; they’re doing every bad thing that you could find in a textbook.

Our current affairs of the world suggests that the world is hanging on a very fragile cliff. The third world war may begin any time.

It would be very interesting to know how many countries would finally come up in support of ISIS, Taliban and Boko Haram. Right now, they seem to have two faces: one which obviously is a face of terrorism – under the table, they’re financing terrorists. The other face, which they show to international leaders, is that they also are against terrorism.

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia does not stop surprising me. One minute he says, ‘Terrorism is prohibited in Islam,’ and the other minute he issues a fatwa (religious verdict) pressurising the Saudi government to release all the female inmates and send them to engage in sex jihad. He says, ‘Free all the female prisoners and send them to sleep with ISIS fighters,’ because he thinks they are warriors of God. [Saudi Arabia] is not even [trying to be] diplomatic.

The beauty is, all these countries who are now suffering at the hands of these terrorists are well aware of the roots of terrorism. They are aware of the fact that terrorism is fueled by oil money, and that Saudi Arabia is the leader.

There are so many countries in the Middle East that are eagerly and actively financing the terrorists.

ISIS’s Use of Drugs

A couple of weeks ago, one of the Saudi princes was coming to Lebanon in his private jet. When the Lebanese customs authorities ran a check on the goods inside the plane, they found out that the entire plane was filled with narcotics.

The speculation which was heard over the grapevine was that these pills were to be transported to Syria.

When ISIS sends a suicide bomber, they give them a lecture after which they give these people a powerful dose of a drug. That drug makes them hallucinate. Whatever is in your mind 30 minutes prior to taking that drug will keep echoing in your mind.

So what happens is: when these individuals who wear explosive jackets come out in public and blow themselves up, they’re under the effect of drugs.

The Saudis are using their diplomatic powers to support the terrorists.

All the diplomats of any country are provided with immunity. When they bring in anything from their country to their diplomatic missions in a foreign country, their goods are not checked. They’re exempted from customs clearance.

I would like to point out this to the American, British and European governments: consider for the sake of national security to remove the facility of customs clearance from diplomatic immunity.

If they are bringing legitimate goods in, there is no harm if they show it to the authorities. They should still be allowed to bring in whatever amount of things they want to bring in. However, the benefit of removing this exemption of customs clearance from diplomatic immunity will help you determine whether or not they’re bringing in anything which threatens your national security.

I’ll tell you again about the usage of this drugs among members of ISIS and other terrorist groups. In some videos put out by ISIS, ISIS members have their victims lined up in a row. In the videos, they are beheading people and the victims are not even moving. This is impossible.

We used to sacrifice animals in Pakistan on Eid Day. Sacrificing a small goat would require at least four or five people. Even then, when you put the knife to the throat of that goat, it would jump frantically. How can a human being just sit there?

100 to 200 people sit in a row and ISIS members behead them like they’re not human beings but rather dummies. I came to conclude that they are either given general anaesthetic, another high potency drug such as morphine or something even stronger than that.

They are under the effect of drugs due to which they’re just sitting there waiting for their turn to be beheaded. Their heads are getting smitten off their body and they don’t even move. Is there no pain or are they so obedient to ISIS that they’re not moving their heads or bodies?

We ask ourselves, ‘They’re killing children and women. Don’t they have hearts in their chests? Don’t they feel any remorse when they do such things? Is there not even a tiny bit of compassion left in their hearts?’

The answer is they are under the effect of drugs. Their emotions are numb, their body and brain are numb. It is like they have been mesmerised, hypnotised and the power of intellect has failed in their heads.

It is not just one or two officials from the Saudi Arabian government that support terrorism. The entire royal family has become a dedicated supporter of these terrorists.

Isolating ISIS Through Sanctions and a Media Boycott

When a country doesn’t abide by the Charter of the United Nations, the UN puts sanctions on them. Export and import are stopped; a country becomes isolated and almost singled out from the international community. Their progress stops then and there.

For example, Iran has been under severe sanctions from the United Nations, as a result of which their economy went down; people are so poor in that country. Why can’t the international community practically isolate ISIS?

They say, ‘ISIS have a lot of oil.’ Who is buying oil from them and why? If a country is buying oil from ISIS, are they not supporting terrorists?

If ISIS is segregated, secluded and isolated from the international community – if import, export and all other forms of support are stopped – they won’t survive for too long.

If they are beheading people in Syria and Iraq, the media should boycott it.

When 24 hours a day you broadcast ISIS, beheading and killing, you are actually broadcasting terror. Your spreading the news of terror means you are actually part of the problem. Although you may think you are part of the solution, what you are doing is practically proving the fact that you are part of the problem.

The terror was limited to Syria and Iraq. With the help of worldwide broadcasting, the terror is reaching all corners of the globe.

There are a lot of things that NASA is aware of. They are aware of the length of time before the end of the world. They know everything but they do not release this information because they think people will be under great fear. They don’t want to disturb their mental peace. In a similar way, if ISIS is doing something in Syria and Iraq, the media should boycott it.

In the last twelve months, the security forces in the United Kingdom have successfully managed to thwart at least a dozen attempts from terrorists. The French police are so lazy. After the attack, they released information about the attackers. When you knew all this, why did you let it happen? Some of the individuals responsible for the Paris Attacks were on the hit list by the police. They were on the radar for at least ten years; still they were able to do what shouldn’t have happened.

Actions to Be Taken by World Leaders

There are many things that one should do. I do not want any world leader to tell me that this is impossible, because it is not: what if you cut off internet service from the satellite? There will be no video uploaded from ISIS. Why can’t you do it?

If world leaders say, ‘There are civilians who use it,’ I will reply, ‘What is more important: civilians being able to use the internet or managing to save their lives?’

If the international community and world leaders are serious about liberating humanity from the shackles and tyranny of ISIS, they should cut off their internet service; the entirety of Syria and Iraq. All’s fair in love and war.

If this notion never crossed your mind, then I don’t think you deserve to sit in the seat that you’re sitting in. If you want to tame them and teach them a lesson, there are so many things you can do in 24 hours!

If powers are given, without violence, without killing a single soul, you can liberate humanity from the shackles of Taliban, ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

Why can’t the world leaders cut off their internet service from the satellite? There should be no satellite or mobile service in these two countries. No contact.

Mosques used to be terrorist factories, but now they are radicalising people over the internet. Terminate their internet service and let’s see how they go about their mission then.

Curbing Domestic Influence of ISIS

A considerable amount of people who were radicalised were radicalised in prisons. There are cameras everywhere in the prison. They can hear them, they can watch over them. How did it happen? Why did they let it happen?

Now the preaching of any religion should be banned in prisons.

I heard from His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi that the third world war would be initiated from Iraq or if it starts from somewhere else, then Iraq would be the main issue. I personally want to put a stop to this fast track of destruction so that we can take our mission here and there, because travel is disrupted.

Sharia Law in the United Kingdom

Historically speaking, Muslims in the United States of America are more peaceful than anywhere else. In the United Kingdom and Europe, they’re like gangsters.

A few years ago, we printed a leaflet about the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ. We sent some members of Messiah Foundation International to distribute it in front of the Croydon Mosque.

Some policemen came and said, ‘Don’t do it here.’

We said, ‘It’s about Jesus. Are you not Christian?’

One of the policemen said, ‘Yes, I’m Christian and [your message] is very good. But don’t preach here; we want peace. We don’t want any disruption.’

They don’t want to create an opportunity for Muslims to retaliate and do some damage. In other words, they have developed a strong voice, somehow or other.

Some Muslims want to impose Sharia Law in the United Kingdom. Some come from Egypt and Pakistan; there is no Sharia Law there but they want to impose it in England and in the United States of America.

It would make sense if there was a Muslim majority in these countries, but that is not the case. Four million Muslims want to impose Sharia Law on 200 million non-Muslims – that is ridiculous and foolish. It is like a comedy.

Let there be no religious law imposed in any country. Let it be a secular system so that humanity may at least benefit.