Celestial Spirituality – Ojai Spiritual Heart Activation Ceremony, California

Celestial Spirituality – Ojai Spiritual Heart Activation Ceremony, California

The following is Sufi Spiritual Revivalist Younus AlGohar’s discourse delivered at the Ojai Centre for Spiritual Living in California, USA.


I feel great being here with all these lovely, beautiful souls. I feel energised and ecstatic and happy. That spiritual exuberance, spiritual bliss that we seek – I feel it here. I would like to thank all those who organised such a beautiful event where we sit under one roof and talk about love. I would like to pay my gratitude to all of you for being here today, and allowing me to share my thoughts and my spiritual philosophies. 

We are going to be discussing spiritual sciences. There are many different forms of spirituality. Spirituality that promotes harmony, holistic health in our body is a form of spirituality because our body is run by souls. There is yet another set of souls which is pure. We are going to talk about both types of spirituality today. We will be sharing divine light, divine energies, and ways – new ways, new avenues. How to spiritually advance in our being, how to accomplish more milestones in exploring our inner self.

We are going to have a wonderful session of at least two hours in which we will be dancing with the spiritual Sufi tunes. We’ll be rejoicing in the fact that we are all one. And, under one umbrella, we are going to be unified, and become such a power of love that hatred can never defeat us. We will become such a wonderful, spiritual and amiable power that we will light up the whole universe with the act of gratitude. And, with the act of respecting each other, respecting each other’s free will, respecting each other’s freedom of choice and also, we will be doing some vigorous verbal chanting of the holy names. When I say vigorous, I mean full of energy. The more energy you apply, double the amount of energy will be reimbursed.

Then we will come to a point where we’ll have this session, very sacred and very essential session where I will invite Reverend Steve Bell and Azucena Avila to come forward and teach us [the] methodology of the Heart Activation. Then we will have a session of spiritual healing: how to heal the body, the mind and the thought process, which is very important. We’re also going to discuss many different types of spirituality.

Today, the most prominent type of spirituality that I will be touching upon is a celestial form of spirituality – from the other realm. Something that can connect us with the other forces: forces that are the ultimate sources, the divine sources. 

We’re going to be discussing how religions have lost their glories. It is high time we turn to spiritual sciences.

There is a treasure inside every breast. In every locality, in every city, in every country, there is a man or a woman who has this potential capacity of housing divinity. 

We are in search of those individuals. No matter what the colour of their skin is, no matter what language they speak, no matter what their religious background is, in reality, we are the same. Whether you found God through Adam, Moses, Jesus Christ or even Prophet Mohammad, you are a traveller of the same path.

The ultimate goal is divinity, not a religion.

It is so unfortunate that in our contemporary times, the religions are not doing well. The religions today are malfunctioning. When something goes wrong with a machine, it malfunctions. When the food is stale, it malfunctions, it gives you an upset stomach. When the food is fresh, it gives you energy. Similarly, when there is something wrong with a religion, it becomes a monster. Everything is upside down, nothing seems to work. 

The die-hard practitioners of religion become so fed up with religions; they don’t want to practice their religion anymore. They turn to spirituality. 

On a dollar bill, we read every day, ‘In God we trust’. 

Now the question is: do we love him, or will we just keep trusting in him? We need to love God; we need to date God. Don’t you think so? But only if you knew where he was. If you found God, where would you want to date him? In Mecca, Jerusalem, or in Washington DC?

Audience member: In Ojai!

That is even better. You may not be dating God in Ojai today, but you will definitely be embracing his presence. We will be a true receipt of his divine energies, his everlasting love and bounties. Bounties that will shower upon our hearts and our souls. When these bounties of God shower upon our hearts and souls, they leave a very distinctive mark on our personality. Others can tell, ‘Paula has been dating God.’ 

There has to be a distinctive mark upon the heart of somebody who has experienced God’s presence. One who goes through a holy experience has to absorb that experience in the heart, in the soul. Love is not just a verbal discourse. it’s not a practice done by the tongue. The place of love is the heart.

You may not be religious people, but I feel compelled to give you an example from the Bible, according to which the Lord said, ‘Love your lord, love your God, with all your heart, with all your soul’ [Luke 10:27].

That is the prime message. This is the gist of every single religion. That should be the gist of our life. When we heard this from the Bible, we didn’t pay much attention. If you want to understand, it is very easy to understand. If you want to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, It simply means you must get your heart and soul engaged in the activity of love. 

We thought it was just a metaphor. We pay attention and we say, ‘We love God’, but do you love God? Have you seen your soul? If we haven’t seen our souls, how would we possibly see the deeds done by the souls?

His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, my Master, understands that God’s love and love for humanity is the same. One who claims to love God – and he or she doesn’t naturally love human beings – is a liar. You cannot claim to love God and hate human beings. If you love all humanity, it simply means you love God. 

We all are single droplets from the ocean of God. When we are outside the divine ocean, we are human beings. When all these droplets return to their originality, we are divine. So we carry divinity in our hearts.

God has treasured his distinctive mark in each of us. The only thing we need to do is to explore our own selves. We don’t need to go anywhere to find God when God has already created a divine tunnel in our heart.

At the time of Moses, there was a man. He worshipped God and he didn’t find him. He went out in search for God but in the end, he was frustrated, dismayed and disappointed.

In his heart he asked God, ‘I looked for you everywhere but I didn’t find you’. 

A very husky voice came into his heart and it said, ‘My son, I was inside you. You looked everywhere, but you didn’t look for me inside your heart’. 

All we need to do is to open the heart. This is the permanent abode of God. Every one of us has this potential and the capacity to house God. Unfortunately, we do not know how to open the door of the divine secretive chamber of our heart where God has his domicile.

The Spiritual Heart

Today I would like to share this secret with you which was shared by my Master, HDE Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi. 

My Master said, ‘This physical heart, which is responsible for pumping blood and oxygenating blood, has a dedicated soul that sits on the physical heart. It is in a dormant state. We need to awaken that soul’. 

This physical heart is not divine, but there is a dedicated soul which is the treasure of divinity. That soul is on top of our physical heart. 

This was when Lord Jesus Christ said to his disciples, ‘You need to be born again’.

The Second Birth was not the birth of the body; the Second Birth is the birth of that soul that sits on the heart. When that soul, which is dormant, is awakened, it takes three years to become fully and spiritually grown up.

You have somebody inside you. If it is awakened and grown-up, it will take after your body. It is ethereal and angelic in nature. Without wings, it flies. Without any instrument, it communicates with angels, Jesus, Moses, Abraham – even with God! 

It is not this physical heart which will put you in God’s presence, it is that soul which is dormant. When that soul is awakened – and in three years is fully energised – and has adopted its spiritual sustainability, it will come out of your body.

When it is fully grown up and you think, ‘Where is Jesus?’ it will come out and reach wherever Jesus is. 

This spiritual entity, which is known as the Spiritual Heart, will leave your body like a satellite. Wherever it goes, through meditation, you will trace its journey. You will be able to see where your soul is going and who your soul is meeting. This is called transcendental meditation.

The Spiritual Heart has all the attributes of God. In nature it is angelic and in power it is divine. This is what stays in the nearness of God. 

To awaken it, we need a Spiritual Mediator. If somebody falls unconscious and you splash water on their face, they come back to consciousness. In a similar way, a Spiritual Mediator will transmit some divine energy onto the face of that soul; it will then return from unconsciousness. It will be awakened when the divine energy is transmitted from the Spiritual Mediator.

I was never spiritual or religious. I used to play cricket in college. I never knew what spirituality was or had any interest in such a thing. The moment I met my Master and he talked about this dormant soul, I was in a state of denial.

I thought, ‘No, no. This is just a cock and bull story’. 

I was a little sceptical about everything pertaining to religion and spirituality because I was a student. I did a masters in Organic Chemistry. I developed a habit of believing things that made sense. 

If something didn’t make sense, I would be very shrewd and tell others, ‘No, I don’t believe in that.’

As scientific and intellectual minds, we need reasons to believe. You can’t just put a blindfold on your eyes and believe everything that is said to you. Even If I tried, I would not be able to fully convince my heart to believe in something until I found a reason to believe it.

When my Master asked me to close my eyes, he transmitted some divine energy. I instantly realised that my heart was pounding. My heart was galloping like a horse and with every throb of the heart, my heart was pronouncing the name of God. I felt the warmth. It was warm energy, something I could relate to.

I instantly realised that something was missing from me. I had been so incomplete without it. I sighed a sigh of relief. I felt at home. Then, a few days later, I heard a voice in my physical heart. I saw a little child messing about in my heart. 

I went to my Master and asked him, ‘What is this little child in my heart?’

He replied, ‘That’s your soul. In three years, it will fully grow up’.

That is the message of love and spirituality. We’re here today to share that methodology of transmitting divine energy and awakening that dormant soul which is sitting in the heart. To do this, you don’t have to follow any religion or any creed. There is no commitment. I’m a messenger of peace, love, and I feel that I am indebted by the Lord to pass it around, as the divine bounty, to all other fellow human beings. [To] those who are in search of divinity and those who are exploring themselves. Maybe they have some hurdles in exploring themselves, [so I feel obliged] to give them a helping hand.

My religion is love and humanity is my nation. My temple in which I worship lies in every breast. My temple is not built with bricks and cement, my temple is built with light. Nobody is going to destroy or demolish my temple because my temple is in every heart. 

Your heart is my temple. Your heart is where you need to see God. If we combine our energies and our spiritual sources, we will become invisible power of love which will prevail for the rest of our lives.

A baby is born when some cells from the male and some from the female are combined. Similarly, the dormant soul – the Spiritual Heart – will be born as a spiritual baby when your light and the light of the Spiritual Mediator will combine.

When a baby is born, it has certain dietary requirements: it needs baby formula and baby food. When the Spiritual Heart is awakened, it also has some dietary requirements. 

Divine energy becomes its diet.

There is no store anywhere in this world that sells divine energy. Where do we go? We need to make divine energy ourselves.

We need to implant God’s name in the beating system of the heart. As it is repeated inside the heart, it will generate divine energy. One day, it will become self-sufficient to give proper supply of divine energy to the soul of the heart and also, the other souls in the body.

This is how the process of spiritual growth will continue. You will grow in spirituality without needing to go to a church or a mosque. 

All you need to do in order to grow more is implant more seeds of love in more hearts.