The solution to global terrorism promoted under the banner of Radical Islam is to, firstly, recognise that the terrorism campaign is exclusively a Wahhabi movement and, secondly, put a stop to the spread of the Wahhabi ideology. To do so, it is important to denounce Saudi Arabia and put sanctions on Saudi Arabia. Without the funds and support given by the Saudi Royal Family, Wahhabism would not have such strong roots all over the world. It is equally important for countries to investigate mosques and faith centres with ties to Saudi Arabia and Wahhabism as to curb the pandemic of homegrown terrorism.

It is pertinent that the world recognise that the Wahhabi ideology is a threat to Islam itself – and in fact, the entire human race.

More importantly, to combat the intolerant philosophy of Wahhabis, the reintroduction of Sufism into mainstream Islam is necessary. Governments should take measures to ensure the Sufi interpretation of Islam is well-represented amongst the Muslim population.

In a recent speech, Younus AlGohar suggested that governments regulate the version of the Quran available.

The world community needs to draw a line. They should give their citizens a charter which should explain what activities can be regarded as suspicious or as harbouring terrorism.

This charter should tell them that only the simple translation of the Quran is allowed. All other books which are known to be the interpretation of the Quran should be banned.

If you go to Saudi Arabia, people travelling there from Pakistan are not allowed to bring in any Islamic book from their country. People from Pakistan also read the same Quran as people from Saudi Arabia, so why does Saudi Arabia ban their Islamic books? Their answer is that they do not agree with the translation of the Quran that people in Pakistan read.

If Saudi Arabia can impose such a law, then Western countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, etc. can as well.

I believe the Quran does not teach terrorism. If you read the simple translation of the Quran, you will never become a terrorist.

The Role of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love

Younus AlGohar travels the world giving the key to de-radicalisation: His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s Philosophy of Divine Love.

He asserts, ‘Absence of spiritual knowledge in religions caused misinterpretation and misunderstanding, which paved the way for radicalisation to emerge.’

The teachings of HDE Gohar Shahi are universal, practical, and acceptable to people of all backgrounds. It is the exact opposite of the Wahhabi ideology.

Below, in Younus AlGohar’s own words, is how the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love fosters love and tolerance.

HDE Gohar Shahi is calling upon humanity to come and obtain the spiritual sciences. If you are a Hindu, become a better Hindu: a God-loving Hindu. If you are a Christian, become a better Christian: a God-loving Christian who is connected with God. HDE Gohar Shahi is bridging hearts of humanity with God. There is a gap, and it is not between the minds: the gap is between the hearts.

When the heart is abridged, you only practise the rituals of the religion; you are not connected with God. You just waste your time in the worship places. You want to love God but you do not know what to do to love God.

What is missing from the human lives today is the understanding of themselves: who they are and why they are here. They do not know what tools God has furnished them with.

In the line of spirituality, religion and reforms, you need the tools. Those tools are within you: your heart, your Self, your soul and other spiritual subtleties. When these subtleties are activated, awakened, spiritualised and empowered, then there rises a new human being full of divine understanding, tolerance, patience and forbearance.

Then you understand that all these human beings are the creation of the same God and all have the right to live happily, in complete peace and harmony.