Younus AlGohar is a vocal critic of all forms of extremism, but he is especially known for his opposition of Wahhabism/Salafism and its adherents.

Younus AlGohar says, ‘When explaining fanaticism and extremism, you must remember one word: intolerance.’

Wahhabism is the ideology utilised by Islamic militants such as ISIS/ISIL, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and Taliban. It promotes hatred and intolerance and has distorted the face of Islam. It threatens world peace.

In fact, the philosophy of Wahhabism is the backbone of Islamic Terrorism.

Wahhabism is a politicised school of thought founded by Mohammad Abdul Wahhab Najadi in 18th century. Najadi was under the impression that he was ‘purifying’ Islam, rejecting the form of Islam practised by Muslims for the 1100 years before he was born. Younus AlGohar has openly declared that the Wahhabi sect is blasphemous to the Prophet Mohammad, is an enemy of Islam and an enemy of the entire world.

Najadi and his disciples believed that Muslims had lost their economic and social status in the world due to them following an impure version of Islam. He thought that if all Muslims followed his interpretation, the Muslim world would be powerful once again and be ushered into its second Golden Age.

Followers of Wahhabism are so extreme in their views that they consider Muslims of other sects as infidels who deserve death.

Younus AlGohar explains, ‘According to Wahhabis, anybody who does not conform to their ideology is not a pure Muslim. Since that person is not a pure Muslim, they should be killed, their property should be forfeited and their women may be raped and then killed by Wahhabis – and this is their right given to them by their religion.’

The Wahhabi agenda is supported by the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, whose history and rise to power is closely linked to the acceptance of Wahhabism in the Muslim World. For the past few decades, Saudi Arabia has been funnelling billions of dollars into the global spread of Wahhabism.

According to Mr AlGohar, ‘Saudi Arabia and terrorism are like mother and daughter.’

The Wahhabi agenda aims to eradicate all other sects in Islam, especially Sufism (the mystical, peace-loving interpretation of Islam). To achieve their goals, they have used all mediums available, from modifying translations of the Holy Quran to calling for Jihad (Holy War) in Muslim countries. The Wahhabis are extremely well-organised with many branches used to handle different aspects of the Wahhabi agenda. For example, the sole purpose of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba is to trap Sufis in false cases and lessen their influence in society, while groups like the Tableeghi Jamat focus on converting regular Muslims into Wahhabis.

Younus AlGohar asserts that the Wahhabi school of thought has nothing to do with Islam. Wahhabism is used to brainwash Jihadists; it has become so effective that recruiters for ISIL/ISIL have little work to do in convincing adherents all over the world to join them in the Middle East.

After careful examination of Wahhabism, Mr AlGohar urges think tanks around the world to recognise that not all Muslims are terrorists, however all Islamic terrorists are Wahhabis.

In this section, you will be able to read some of Younus AlGohar’s findings about Wahhabism: the mind-set of its followers, its reality in the Islamic context and the practical solution to this global wave of terror. We have also included a brief history of Wahhabism for your convenience.