Sign the Petition – Ban Wahhabism!

I have submitted a petition online to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, to ban Wahhabism in the United Kingdom.

This petition against Wahhabism is not based on my personal grudge for them. It is not based on any other reason, including the thought that we are intolerant to other sects. Basically, I do not practise Islam because I did not find anything valuable in the concurrent Islamic form which I could practise. Islam has become a thing of the past.

When I say Islam does not exist anymore, it simply means the heart and soul of the religion, which of course is the doctrine of love and spirituality, has been discontinued.

The knowledge of spirituality within Islam has become extinct.

I do not like Wahhabism, but this is not the reason why I want the government to ban it.

I demand from the government to ban Wahhabism for a very important reason: Wahhabism has become a doctrine which promotes global intolerance, extremism and fanaticism. It generates physical and social terror.

It has now become a global threat. All societies in this world are now afraid of Wahhabis. They are not religious; they don’t even have sanity. They don’t know rationalism. They don’t value human beings. They don’t represent Islam.

I am today very clear in my mind that the West is under attack by radical Islam.

The original Islam was a set of beliefs carefully articulated and carved in accordance to the culture of the land of the people it was given to. That original Islam that Prophet Mohammad established has become extinct. Unfortunately, what exists today is sheer radical Islam.

This notion of a worldwide caliphate is conceived and perceived by lunatics. It is not realistically possible for the world to have a Muslim caliph. God is not supporting this idea.

The ‘Islamic State’ and its caliphate is only supported by Wahhabis. It is not supported by Sufis or Shias. It is impossible for whole world to accept this concocted concept of Islamic State and its caliphate.

According to the predictions of Nostradamus, the Sagittarian will come from the Moon and he will restore peace. He will promote love.

This world is now strife-stricken, mischief-stricken society which has now become a place of hatred. This hatred, mischief and injustice will be wiped out from its roots by the awaited Sagittarian, the image of whom has become prominent on the Moon.

He is the one who is not going to establish a caliphate, but the Kingdom of God.

This Kingdom of God will not be established on land; it will be established in hearts of humanity.

This Sagittarian, the Awaited One, will restore peace and establish an international, secular society without the involvement of any religion. This society will be based on humanity, moral and ethical values and perfect multicultural harmony.

It will be based on love for human beings and love for God. This will all happen very soon under the auspicious leadership of Lord Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi and Lord Jesus Christ. The Sun is about to rise from the West.

I have no hesitation to pronounce today that our loyalty is with those who want to promote love and peace, whether they come from a Christian background or they are Jews, Hindus or Sikhs.

We stand united with all such individuals who want to wipe out hatred and intolerance from the world today.

Our message is the message of love. You can simply say the message of Lord Jesus Christ has incarnated in the form of the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love.

The United Kingdom and the United States of America will be with Gohar and Jesus. Gohar and Jesus will lead the UK and USA and will give them their freedom. Gohar and Jesus will upgrade their value system with divine authority.

The time is not far. It is always dark before dawn. There are a few more hours of darkness and then the glad tidings will come with the first rays of the Riazian Sun.

The entire globe will begin to shine with the beam of this new Sun which is almost set to rise from the West. The existence of these Islamists and terrorists is very temporal. They’re living in a fantasy world. They’re daydreaming of world domination (which is not possible for them to achieve).

We are the flag bearers of love and peace. We will make it prominent to all aspiring hearts that help is nearby. If your eyes do not succeed to find Jesus, let your hearts do the job.

We are in the business of dispensing divine light, the doctrine of love and spirituality. As Shakespeare said in As You Like It, ‘Come hither, come hither. Here shall you see no enemy.’

Do not lose hope. If you still believe in God then also believe the fact that God is watchful on all that is happening right now.

With the help of the USA and the UK, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and Boko Haram will come to their logical end. The time is not far.

Time is never stagnant; it changes so fast. Today, you see ISIS, Taliban and Al-Qaeda [on the news]. Tomorrow, you will ask yourself, ‘Did they ever exist?’

Their existence is fake. They’re daydreaming of world denomination. Only God and love is the world dominator – nobody else.