Neo-Wahhabism and Wahhabism

Neo-Wahhabism and Wahhabism

There are two different stages in Wahhabism: Religious Wahhabism and neo-Wahhabism. In the initial stage, there are religious reforms where Wahhabis are taught to reject Sufism. This is when they are taught to denounce the possibility of an intermediary (Wasila) of Prophet Mohammad or any saint between man and God. They are told not respect or bow before any man and to not call upon any man who has departed from this world for help. In other sects of Islam, people use the phrases, ‘Ya Ghous Almadad’ or ‘Ya Ali Almadad’ and ‘Ya’ means to call upon somebody for help. Wahhabis do not use this. The justification the Wahhabi denomination lays before the new recruits is that dead people cannot hear them and it will therefore not serve the purpose; it is against Islam.

The Misuse of Quranic Verses by Wahhabis

They say, ‘When you need help, only call upon God.’ They use the Quran as an instrument to project and promote their misleading ideology by giving a wrong interpretation.

اياك نعبد واياك نستعين
(Quran 1:5)

In the first chapter of the Quran it says, ‘You alone we worship and you alone we need help from.’

You alone we worship, (اياك نعبد) and you alone we need help from (واياك نستعين). It is very dubious.

HDE Gohar Shahi explains, ‘When you are a new Muslim, you do not know how to worship God, so a Muslim priest will tell you how to offer Salat, observe fasting and how to worship God, etc. Because you do not know anything, you learn from the Muslim scholars.’

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘There are two types of worship: the exterior type of worship — how to offer Salat with your body — you learn from a priest. But a body is a composition of two different beings, the body and soul.’

HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘The real worship which reaches God is the worship which is carried out by the souls but you do not know how to make your soul worship therefore in this regard you need God’s help.’

After this verse in the Quran, the next lines are:

اهدنا الصراط المستقيم صراط الذين انعمت عليهم غير المغضوب عليهم ولا الضالين

(Quran 1:6)

‘Guide us on the Straight Path, the Straight Path of those who have earned your favour, who have been rewarded by you.’

The Quran does not mention the nature or the body of the Straight Path. What exactly is the Straight Path? The Quran has no answer. The only answer is: the path of the Saints (Auliya, Fuqra, and Dervish).

The Initial Stage of Wahhabism and  Religious Reforms

In the initial stage, Wahhabis tell recruits how to correct their belief system according to the concocted, fabricated theology of Wahhabism. They believe they are the most authentic Muslim practitioners in the world and their version of Islam is the purest form of Islam.

The Wahhabis believe Islam was allegedly purified by Mohamad bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi only 200 years ago. So they think that for 1236 years before the birth of Najdi, people who were practising Islam were all infidels.

Anybody by the name of Mohammad or Ali has no value. Wahhabis teach that, during Salat (prayer), if you happen to think about Mohammad, your prayer will become nullified. They say, ‘Remove the thought of Prophet Mohammad if it comes to your mind during Salat and start thinking of a donkey. The only difference between a common man and Prophet Mohammad is that God revealed Wahi (divine inspiration) to him. The amount of respect you should give him should not be more than the respect you would give to an elder brother.

Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab Najdi stated, ‘Although Mohammad is a prophet and he is greater than me, I have increased in piety in comparison to Mohammad.’ God forbid.

Religious Wahhabism is stage number one; they are the ones who have religious reforms.

When religious reforms are carried out and recruits become trustworthy, then they are told the Wahhabi agenda. They are given their secretive knowledge.
When you have the secretive knowledge of Wahhabism, you become a terrorist.

What is that secretive knowledge? The Wahhabis tell you, ‘You are pure Muslim. All other Muslims are impure; therefore they are not Muslim at all. Take away their wives, mothers and sisters and treat them like when you are in a battlefield and you defeat the enemy. Their women become your subjects. Have sex with them and confiscate their properties.’

The rules that apply in a battlefield, they apply those rules to all other denomination in Islam other than their own.

They think a non-Wahhabi Muslim is not a Muslim at all.

They want to rule the world. They are following the footsteps of Umar bin Khattab. That is to say, they are told, ‘Keep marching forward. Kill people who do not believe in your religion; wipe them out. Occupy their land and establish Islamic State.’

You can simply call them neo-Wahhabis. This secretive knowledge was confined to the elite among them only. It was not possible to give this thought to every new recruit in Wahhabism. But since the Internet has become available, this secretive knowledge was transferred online.

For a period of time, they would keep new recruits to the first stage, religious reforms only. They were afraid to tell recruits who live in Europe, United States of America and the United Kingdom about the secret plan and agenda thinking that [the recruits may not agree].

But then they helped the recruits, giving them women and money. An airplane travels from Saudi Arabia to Afghanistan with breakfast everyday for the Taliban. Of course, they will think, ‘We are special people of God.’

To Summarise

There are two different types of Wahhabis. The first are the recruits with religious reforms. Then, if they are trustworthy, they enter into a field where the Wahhabis tell them about their real agenda. This is when they become a terrorist, a neo-Wahhabi.

Neo-Wahhabis are practical terrorists, and Wahhabis are sleeping partners. They sponsor and finance them. The Wahhabis will have a white collar in front of non-Wahhabis. They will keep saying, ‘Terrorism is wrong,’ and keep sponsoring neo-Wahhabis.

Neo-Wahhabis are acting on the Najdi agenda; they are terrorists. Even a simple Wahhabi is a potential terrorist. If he is not a terrorist today, he will become one tomorrow.

All Wahhabis are terrorists — either practical or potential.

If you are Wahhabi, one day, you will blow yourself up.