Does Islam Need Reforms? – Younus AlGohar

This question is heard widely in the media today: ’Does Islam need reforms?’

If you have a profound knowledge of the religion of Islam, you would understand that reforms needed in the Islamic Sharia Law are equal to Islam needing reforms itself.

Discussing whether or not Islam needs reform is going to be futile.

For example, let’s assume that iPhone users are experiencing difficulties in using an iOS software and most of the apps are not compatible with it. It is not possible that the users are experiencing difficulties and are awaiting an update, and Apple is not bothered about any update to fix the problem. It is in the interest of an individual that when they use their iPhone, the software should be updated so that they can use it perfectly fine. Whereas, when it comes to Apple, their interest is in their business. If they do not update the software, they will lose customers. So in updating the software, the company should be more serious and concerned.

In a similar way, we are practitioners of the religion. But the one who sent the religion should be more bothered and concerned about its updates and reforms.

If you ask people whether Islam needs reforms, anything as an opinion that comes to you is useless.

Rather than asking people whether Islam needs reforms, this question should be put to God and Prophet Mohammad, the founder of Islam.

When we endeavour to put this question to God, we already have an answer: according to the system that God introduced within Islam, the religion has to go through a process of reforms every hundred years.

In order to do this, a reformer (mujaddid) was appointed by God to put wrong concepts into order, correct them, rectify them and renew Islam after every hundred years. After every thousand years, a grand reformer was supposed to come and fix everything in the religion. This is why we have Mujaddid Alif Thani. ‘Alif Thani’ means ‘Grand reformer which comes after a thousand years’.

This knowledge is confined to Sufi Islam only. Wahhabis and Shi’ites are not aware of this. The reason why they are not aware of this is because they are not mainstream Muslims.

They have concocted their own brand of Sharia and Islam. In the mainstream Islam, Islam was needed to be corrected and reformed every hundred years. A reformer would be appointed, anointed and delegated by God to put everything right.

It was for this reason that there was a Tradition of Prophet Mohammad according to which he said, ‘The scholars in my nation are like prophets of Israel.’

In Israel, a prophet was sent in order to reform the religion. The religion was established by a messenger; the duty of a prophet was to fix the religion if anything had gone wrong in the religion. Prophet Mohammad was the last of the prophets, there is no prophet after Prophet Mohammad.

Therefore, Prophet Mohammad said, ‘The job which was done in Israel by their prophets, now, because I am the last prophet and there is no prophet after me, this job in my nation will be carried out by Ulema-e-Haq (those who are spiritually worthy of becoming a recipient of divine conversation – either with the prophet or God).’

Upon the advice Ulema-e-Haq would receive from God upon the screen of their heart, they would then make reforms in the religion.

Wahhabis, on the other hand, say, ‘We want to practise the Islam of 1400 years ago.’ They call it pure Islam.

What Wahhabis are selling to people throughout the world under the label of pure Islam is not pure Islam; it is ancient Islam. It is not compatible.

According to the system introduced by Prophet Mohammad, Islam must be revived and reformed every hundred years.

The entire Wahhabi ideology is based on this point that they want to practise the Islam practised 1400 years ago. What about the reforms which were to take place every hundred years? This is Wahhabism goes wrong. They are not true Muslims because they are not abiding by the rules set by the Prophet Mohammad himself.

This why they are chopping heads and hands off people, and stoning people to death!