Defeat the Wahhabi Ideology to Defeat Daesh – Younus AlGohar

I have been repeatedly saying that an extensive course of action is required to successfully combat ISIS, Daesh, and other similar offshoots that follow the same ideology, Wahhabism.

Some really bold steps must be taken. One of those steps is to ban Wahhabism. World leaders should speak with Saudi Arabia face-to-face and ask them to abandon all moral and financial support of Wahhabis.

Pakistan is a country where you will see people who lack intelligence. They are like sheep. Either the Prime Minister or the President acts like a shepherd and the entire herd follows in his direction. They don’t have sense of anything.

Pervez Musharraf took action against Molvi Abdul Aziz and Lal Masjid (the Red Mosque) in Islamabad. The terrorists who were inside the mosque were firing from inside the mosque. There was a battle between the Pakistan Army and the ‘innocent’ Islamists. Loads of weapons were recovered. Even then, the Pakistani authorities maintain to say there is no evidence that the Islamists in Lal Masjid were involved in terrorism. 

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is a humble, dedicated devotee of Wahhabism. Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan and other [individuals in power] are all Wahhabis. They are liars and hypocrites. They have two faces: one for the world and another for their lords in Saudi Arabia.

The West is also not doing much. They don’t come to the point.

There are millions of Wahhabis all over the world now. They have a new strategy, according to which they have changed their getup and behaviour. You will never notice that a handsome, Westernised man will blow himself up, causing another 30-50 people to die.

The general concept among people of the world is that Islamists are very religious people. Somebody has to grow a beard and look ugly to be a terrorists. That is now a thing of the past. They have been advised to avoid drawing unnecessary attention. They are in Western outfits and they don’t grow beards; maybe they don’t even go to a mosque. One night, the terrorist would be enjoying alcohol and partying with women, and the next morning, he’d blow himself up.

The first step from our Western countries in response to terrorism is to tighten immigration laws. That is ineffective. They are not sending terrorists from one country to another; they also know acquiring a visa is a problem. They would want to accomplish the project by people who are settled, living and born in Western countries. If somebody is born in one of these countries and is doing the job, then tightening immigration is not going to help. What will happen is that only the bona fide travellers who travel for business and pleasure will be given a hard time.

Another thing which is quite visible now is that some of the governments in the Western society are so frightened of Wahhabis that they don’t want to bother them. Their behaviour and strategy is like a cat; when a cat sees an enemy, she just closes her eyes and thinks the enemy has disappeared.

Some eight years ago, we issued a pamphlet about Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming. We asked our members to distribute it in public places. Some of our members were distributing this leaflet in front of the Croydon Mosque (in London). A couple policemen came and said, ‘Don’t do it.’ They asked them, ‘Why, what’s wrong with it? We’re talking about Jesus. It’s a Christian country.’ One policeman replied, ‘No, I like it, but I don’t want trouble. The Muslims will come out from the mosque and there will be a law and order situation.’

This is how scared we are. We think that we will keep pleasing them and that they will not blow themselves up because they think we are scared of them. That is not the way to combat terrorism. If we know that the source of terrorism is Wahhabism, the governments of Western countries also know that. They have so many intelligence services. Telephones are being tapped and movements are being monitored. They know the score; all we want from them is to take action. 

Banning Wahhabism is a very bold step, but Western leaders think they cannot survive without oil. You cannot survive without oil and the main producer of oil is Saudi Arabia, but Saudi Arabia cannot survive without the West.

Saudi Arabia cannot survive without anything coming into the country. Everything is imported into the country. They don’t have any industry for except a few things like juices, washing power and washing liquid. They don’t make submarines or weapons.

It is quite clear now that this will only be taken care of by Armageddon. Airstrikes and strict immigration laws will not help at all. Defeating ISIS is not an ultimate victory. You have to defeat the ideology of hatred and death: Wahhabism. If the Wahhabi ideology is not defeated, then you have done nothing.

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  1. Swami prakash kumar at 1:26 am

    All to be done to wipe it out. If Muslim can unit why we cannot.this is time To act or all Will islam. We are with you for the cause.