Crookedness In Religious Seminaries In Pakistan

Younus AlGohar analyses the state of religion in Pakistan since the rise of Wahhabism. He also gives practical advice on how to fix the situation in the country.

Main points:

– Unfortunately, the translations of the Quran widely available to religious scholars in Pakistan are those that come from the likes of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qasir and other scholars that inspired the Wahhabi cult. The teachings of Islam given to people in Pakistan mostly come from Wahhabism. Therefore, Wahhabism is prevalent in Pakistan.

– The correct interpretation of the Quran is obtained when one is connected to Prophet Mohammad spiritually, not just because they are proficient in Arabic.

– The reason Wahhabism is so widespread in Pakistan is because of Saudi Arabia’s influence. Saudi Arabia does financial favours upon powerful people in Pakistan, until such people are in their debt. Then, they talk about their sect. They invite Pakistani scholars to come to Saudi Arabia for training in the Wahhabi doctrine at the Medina university. They give scholarships to such people.

– If there are 10 Sunni mosques in an area, the views of that sect only reach common people. They do not reach the people who are responsible for upholding the religion of Islam in Pakistan. Those who are responsible for the religion, whether they are Sunnis, Barelvis, Wahhabis etc. what they will have learned in madrassas is the belief system of Wahhabism/Deobandism.

– There are many interpretations of the Quran based on different stages in spirituality: Sharia, Tariqa and Haqiqat. Sharia, Tariqa and Haqiqat each can be broken down into multiple stages according to how one has progressed on the path. There comes a time when you are able to witness God’s splendour with the help of the Latifa-e-Ana (and, for the elite of the elite, a divine sub-spirit).

– Sunnis today talk about saints and admire them, but they won’t talk about the teachings of saints. Sufis are considered ignorant, uneducated people in Pakistan because the knowledge of Sufism was not taught in religious seminaries. If students of Islam were taught the interpretations of the Quran given by Mullah Ali Qari and Al-Sayuti, people would understand that Sufism is Islam. People would then be surprised as to why scholars in mosques do not talk about Dhikr.

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