Wahhabism: The Doctrine of Hatred and The Cult of Death

Wahhabism: The Doctrine of Hatred and The Cult of Death

The way the Wahhabi ideology has spread all over the world, it is almost impossible to fully eliminate the Wahhabi discipleship and their disgusting ideology unless a militant, ideological and global war is waged against them which seemingly appears to be unrealistic, given the vested interest of world politics.

Peace-loving civilised folks all over the western sphere of the world are showing their disapproval of the Wahhabi ideology, however, their voice seems to leave a negligible impact on the world leaders. Apart from Daesh (ISIS), there are more than 15 different terrorist outfits who practise the same ideology and have a combined militant herd of over a hundred thousand hateful souls.

It seems like all roads are leading to the Armageddon!

Surprised? Yeah. It’s about time we realise and accept the truth that we are living in the End Times. Let’s call it: ‘The world is under attack by Islamists!’

They are using Islam to wage a war against humanity. Why don’t we pray that God may hasten the Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ? Why doesn’t the thought cross our minds that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Mullah Umar may be the Antichrist?

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  1. Radhika Tulsidas at 4:03 pm

    These Wahabbi ideology followers from ISIS – to Al Shabab are ALL DEVILS. Completely agree Baghdadi and Mullah Umar ARE Antichrist, chopping heads of people like cucumber without any respect for human life shows they have no fear of ALMIGHTY. The West need to attack their ideology NOW – BAN this lethal ideology. They are spreading FAST – The WEST need to hasten their steps – its a race – GET THEM BEFORE THEY GET US!