The Medina Bombing – #AskYounusAlGohar

The Medina Bombing – #AskYounusAlGohar

The following is Younus AlGohar’s response to a question posed by a viewer about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the bombing attack in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

These bomb explosions in Saudi Arabia are very deceptive. In Medina, there was a bomb explosion near the mosque of Prophet Mohammad, however no human life was lost. It appears to me as if that was a controlled bomb explosion. This is not possible that Wahhabis could strike against Wahhabis.

It was just a fake message, a fabricated terrorist incident in which a message has to go across the western world that Saudi Arabia is also suffering at the hands of terrorists, so do not say that Saudi Arabia is a terrorist country.

Of course there have been many terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia, but you must note: only Muslims of other sects, namely Shia, were killed. Shia mosques have been targeted, not Wahhabi mosques.

The point is you cannot blame non-Muslims for this explosion. Mecca and Medina are two most sacred cities in the Muslim world in which no non-Muslims are admitted. Those who carried out these explosions did not have any respect for Prophet Mohammad and his mosque.

Even the religious scholars within Saudi Arabia do not revere the Prophet Mohammad. Time and time again, these extremist, fanatic Wahhabi religious scholars in Saudi Arabia maintain to publicly say that this mosque of Prophet Mohammad is not part of their reverence to Islam. They don’t value or respect it.

They say that showing any reverence to either the Prophet or the mosque of the Prophet is not any act of Islam, rather it is something which is totally un-Islam, unholy – and doing so would only ignite God’s wrath and anger.

The featured image is sourced from Wikimedia commons.